As a graphic designer, I had the pleasure of participating in the development of the visual identity for this series. This project was about creating a strong and unified identity that would immerse viewers in the world of Contamin.

We first looked at the concept and storyline of the series to develop the appropriate design elements. Then, we designed various logos, openers, brochures, newsletters, posters, and other promotional materials that would arouse the audience's curiosity and excitement about the series.

We created an opener that introduced viewers to the dark and fascinating world of Contamin.

We designed the brochures and newsletters to be informative and user-friendly, keeping viewers up to date on the series. We used expressive images and text on the posters and other promotional materials to arouse the audience's curiosity and encourage them to visit the series.

Our goal was to create a unified and strong visual identity for Contamin that would immerse the audience in the world of the series.
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